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P-Brain Media is a communications firm specializing in content development, media production and consulting. We have helped businesses, nonprofits, trade associations and others define their communication goals, craft clear and compelling content and reach their desired audiences, both online and through traditional media channels.

P-Brain's Director Peri Pakroo also offers consulting services on small business and nonprofit issues. Peri has written extensively on legal, business and nonprofit topics including three books published by Nolo (see the Bookstore for more information on these titles).

The links above offer information about P-Brain Media and its services. The links at the right offer free articles and recommended reading on topics including media development, publishing and start-up issues for businesses and nonprofits.

Please feel free to contact us directly at 505-453-3155 or drop an email to info@pbrainmedia.com.

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Books by P-Brain Director Peri Pakroo
The Women's Small Business Start-Up KitP-Brain Media’s Director Peri Pakroo has written extensively on business, nonprofit and legal issues and is the author of several books published by Nolo. You can purchase any of Peri's books from Amazon.com through our bookstore. VISIT BOOKSTORE >